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How do I pay for the product?

Upon checkout you will be presented with multiple payment options depending on your location like, Paypal, Bank wire, Store pick up, Cash on Delivery and online payment via credit/debit cards. If none of these payment options work with you, please write to us at for alternative payment arrangements.

Please note that all our items cannot be shipped outside India, so please make sure you look at the Product specifications carefully whether you are eligible to purchase a particular product or not in your country.

Is Shipping Cost additional?

Yes, shipping is an expensive affair in this industry, hence, seldom would you see reasonable product prices and free shipping on the homepage.

Depending on the type of product of purchase and your shipping location you would be given options to choose your shipping option. If your product is less than 30Kgs you would see several shipping options to choose from. However, for heavier shipments we send custom freight quotes to customers to make the payment.

We have a professional conceirge team who have been shipping almirahs, beds, sofs, lounges and more for decades now. Be assured that you are in good hands.

Can I pay cash on Delivery?

Cash on delivery is available for select Indian destinations only. You would see this option on the checkout page if it is available in your shipping location.

Why do the Product Prices differ everyday?

While our product prices do not increase or decrease, it is the hourly currency conversion rates which are applied for the customer to have a sense of the product price in their home country from where they are accessing our site.

Be assured that at checkout you will be paying the fixed price which has been set in INR.

Does the product price include transit insurance?

All products are shipped with a full value door to door insurance. This means that the product is insured till the time you accept the delivery. We at The Vintage Cart bear the insurance cost and do not charge our customers for the same. Hence, the insurance cost is not charged anywhere but still the product is 100% insured.

Can I pay when I pick up the product from the store?

Even if you have selected “Pick up from Store” as a shipping/delivery option, you still will have to make the payment in advance before our team liaises with the item owner on the time of delivery. So no payments will be accepted at the store at the time of pick up.


How does Vintage Cart manage the logistics of the products?

Logistics = Packaging + Shipping (with insurance) + Delivery

Packaging is the top priority for us and our seasoned packers ensure that all products are packed professionally and reaches you in mint condition.

We ship all our products through UPS, FedEx, DHL or Aramex. Shipping artifacts and collectibles are an expensive affair as it is fragile and valuable. Hence, we provide you multiple options for you to hoose from upon checkout.

The logistics cost varies depending on the destination country, type of product and weight of the order, which includes wrapping and packaging. Upon checkout you will be given multiple shipping options to choose from depending on the type of order. If your order is less than 30Kgs then you can choose the best shipping rate amongst the various options show. However, if your product is greater than 30Kgs than we will have to send you a custom frieght (ocean/air) quote. Please note that all our shipping charges are on actuals only.

Why is the shipping cost so high?

Packaging and shipping artifacts is an expensive affair, we take utmost care in ensuring that all products are packed and shipped with great care so that the item you purchased enjoys a deserving place in your life. Please note that the shipping cost that are computed are not calculated on the basis of product specifications listed for each product.

Shipping costs are computed keeping various factors in mind, like, package dimensions and not product dimensions, actual weight, volumetric weight, fragile/delicate, category of product defined by customs, cargo/surface freight/airfreight/plain courier as  and so on.

Please be assured that we have done all the hard work and have listed the most cost effective logistics prices on The Vintage Cart. We are 100% confident, that it is not possible to get a lower logistic quote with the same service quality.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship international. Most of our current shipments are international as well. We help you with all customs documentation, however for all international orders the custom duty has to be paid by the recipient on delivery (if any). All international payments are done via Paypal.

After how many days will my order be shipped?

We make our best efforts to ship each item in your order within 3 working days from order confirmation. However in some cases, we may take longer, up to 7 to 14 business days to ship the order as we may have to procure it from different locations or do some quality treatments. Considering the items are of high value we do our quality checks before we ship the order to ensure that the product reaches you in mint condition. Please be assured that your order will be handled by a dedicated person from our team who will be in constant touch with you through the best means of communication comfortable with you.

How much is the transit time before my parcel reaches me?

For all areas serviced by our reputed courier partners, the transit time would be within 8 to 15 business days (i.e. all week days excluding Sundays and public holidays). In case of items weighing over 2 kilos or odd sized packages, we may take a couple of days longer to reach you. Please contact our customer care number for details. We encourage you to share your mobile number during checkout for faster coordination.

Will all the products I have ordered reach me in a single shipment?

While we shall endeavor to ship all items in your order together, this may not always be possible due to product characteristics, product location and availability. Please be prepared to receive different shipments in such cases.

How do I track my order?

We would intimate you via email once your order has been shipped which will include the shipment tracking number. You can follow your order from time to time to check on the status.

What if the product is damaged on arrival?

We understand the value of the items we are shipping and take this very seriously. All our items come with a full value transit insurance fully paid by Vintage Cart. However, If such an unfortunate incident ever happens then do write to us immediately and we will direct you to our Insurance claim procedure. Kindly ensure that you do not throw away anything that you have received in the parcel

The Vintage Cart Assurance

Questions from Sellers

Why should I partner with The Vintage Cart?

We love this question, and we have answered this many times to many skeptics who underestimate the power of consumers buying art online. We are listing some critical reasons as to why Vintage Cart is the best place for you to partner and list your products:

  • We are committed to getting the right audience to the site and earn their trust for a long, long time
  • When we say handpicked and vintage, we truly mean it. We never will list products that are not in the line of our vision just to have a bigger collection of numbers.
  • We know the online space and understand the needs of the online consumer
  • We have persisted to mesh the three key levers of building something valuable, i.e. Teamwork, Technology and Trust rightly
  • Highly secure site (Norton SSL, high-end encryption systems)
  • Best shipping partners who ship our products with great care
  • India buys more than 6% of it’s the $870MN art industry online. This shift is mainly driven post-2009
  • Most Indians buy their art and collectibles from foreign-owned websites as there is no reliable source in India
  • eBay 2014 census report suggests that online trading of collectibles contributes to 6% of total eBay revenues. High focus on Tier II cities

What are the requirements for merchants to register with The Vintage Cart?

Any person or business who has one or more unique products that can fit into our list of categories and our brand proposition then we would be happy to consider your intent of partnering with us. Our chief curator Mr. Moorthy would liaise with you to take the discussion forward.

Do write to us at

Is there a minimum/maximum number of products that have to be listed on The Vintage Cart?

You can list as low as one product based on your discussion and agreement with our curation team. We are selective in listing products for the benefit of our customers. We wish to list only the most beautiful, unusual and rare items on our site which undergo a strict appraisal process.

Once a product is sold, by when can I expect the payment?

Payment will be remitted in the merchants registered bank account within 15 days from the date of transaction completion.

If for seven days from the date of delivery the customer is satisfied with the product, then it is called as transacted completed.

Does the merchant have to sign any formal contract?

There is a MOU/contract that the merchant will have to sign to start selling on The Vintage Cart. This is to ensure that our merchants partner with our vision along with the opportunity to expand their business.

Can I sell the products listed on The Vintage Cart on another site?

Not until 90 days, after which you are free to list the products on other sites on the condition that the price is not discounted to what is quoted on Vintage Cart. We work on a trust based relation with all our merchants and expect that any benefit of a discounted price should be enjoyed by The Vintage Cart users first.

The Vintage Cart is committed to practicing the highest possible standards of integrity, fairness, professionalism and non-discrimination when conducting all business activities.

How do I list my products on Vintage Cart after the contract has been signed?

The product listing process is the most important part if you have to list your products on The Vintage Cart. This process is long and requires a lot of patience. We have kept the process an elaborate one so that our customers do not have to go through any difficulties of authenticating the product or hunt for details not mentioned when they choose to make a purchase.

  • You and the curator would agree on the articles that should be listed on the site
  • One of Vintage Cart’s photographer would come to your store for shooting all the products you desire to list on the site
  • The images will be transferred to you through cloud and a dedicated “merchant login” will be provided
  • Once you login to the product uploading dashboard, you would be asked to fill several details about the product. You are expected to fill all details about every product you wish to list.
  • Our team of experts will evaluate the products and ask you questions/clarifications about the price, authenticity, source and history of the products you desire to list for sale on our site.
  • After mutual discussion between our experts and you, we would list the products that would give our customers the trust and confidence to buy.

What are the reasons for not listing all my products?

While we would love to list all the products the reasons could be any of the below but not limited to the below:

  • Product is chipped/damaged beyond acceptable standards
  • Price was not fair
  • Product does not fall in any of our categories at that time

What about packaging and shipping?

Packaging has to be taken care by the seller, while shipping will be borne by the buyer upon purchase. The Vintage Cart has special rates with all key shipping carriers, i.e. FedeX, DHL, Aramex and UPS who help in courier shipping.

For all surface shipments we use FedeX and Professional Couriers.


Random Questions

How often do you add new items for sale?

We try our best to list as many items as possible, but because our listing process is very detailed and robust it takes us a long time to be sure of the products authenticity, price, provenance, condition, dimensions and so on. We have noted that even if we stretch ourselves everyday, we cannot list more than 50 items  per week. Having said that, you can shop these 50 items with full confidence.

All our items are one of a kind and you would not find another similar original product unless there were more such products available historically.

What do I do if I need to know more about the item I wish to purchase?

If you need any additional information about a particular item, please do write to us at and we will source more information for you after speaking to our curation team and the owner of the item.

What is Private Room?

Private room is a members only subscription based service where we will list items which are extremely rare and whose price is also very high, most of these items would have a very important historic significance and owing such pieces are for the discerning collector. This service is currently not live but we are working round the clock to get that live.


We are currently speaking to various serious collectors across Asia and identifying the items which will be a sight for sore eyes.

Do write to us at if you have any suggestions which can help us improve our offering.

Can the curation team help me appraise some of my items?

Yes we can, but response time may be difficult to commit. Please write in to us with complete details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Follow us closely as we might have something for all our customer in the second half of 2016.

Will I get any buyers premium or commission if I can get a potential customer for The Vintage Cart?

Unfortunately we do not work with any indirect buyers. Sorry about that.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us.