Curating Asian Art
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    6 Top tips before buying artifacts online

    Since the advent of e-commerce websites, the ease and comfort of shopping for any type of product has been unbeatable. A mere click and that is it. All your necessities and sometimes pure indulgence (do you really need YET another pair of shoes??) come walking home to you. From mom entrepreneur, who is able to make profits sitting at home

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    11 best shops in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

    The Vintage Cart team visits one of Asia’s biggest collectible markets to do an intensive research and bring you the best places to shop when there Of all the things that Mumbai is famous for, Chor Bazaar is invariably in the top 5. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” perfectly suits Chor Bazaar. Chor Bazaar is more

  • In Conversation with Dr. Rakesh Tiwari

    The Vintage Cart teams catches up with Dr Rakesh Tewari, Director General, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Dr Tiwari has excavated numerous notable archaeological sites, which provide a fresh perspective to ancient India. Unlike historical narratives and writings that are often coloured by the author’s personal view and ideological leanings, archaeological evidence provides an unbiased view of history. One of the

  • Ask the Expert: RK Moorthy: 7 things for all collectors to know

    They say the devil is in the details and more so in the antique industry where forgery and fake antiques is sadly a big business. Separating the chaff from the wheat isn’t all that easy and certainly not for those who casually browse vintage shops. One man however, has created a name for himself as a meticulous antiques connoisseur.  With

  • In Conversation with Amrita Varma

    Traipsing between art and design, Amrita Varma dons many hats. An established art critic and curator in India’s flourishing art scene, Amrita has worked in Indian modern, contemporary and emerging art on a global scale. As an artist and photographer herself, Amrita is familiar with the creative process. She has risen steadily up the ranks of the art industry, first as a gallery